Sunday, July 31, 2011

SIFE UTP champion for SIFE National Competition 2011!

Hi! so whatsup people?!
Finally, I have finished my internship for nearly 8 months! yes, 8 MONTHS! but it has been a fantastic + awesome 8 months doing my internship at PETRONAS Carigali, KLCC.

And oh ya, did you guys heard the news? SIFE UTP was the champion, yes! CHAMPION for SIFE National Competition 2011. It was the best, best moment in my entire life when they announce the results.
Like they said, the dreams that finally come true :')
So I have done some tweet search about #SIFE during the competition and this are the results:
and this:

im happy for the team. seriously, I was impressed with their presentation. good job sifers. good job wani, ain sapian and din for leading the team. 

And i found few interesting quote about SIFE:

" SIFE is like a ticket to your future.
It doesn't give you everything you need, but i gives you enough confidence and enough
resources to give you the courage to try things 
that perhaps you would never try before"

"SIFE is out of the classroom.
This is hands on experience!"

This is totally true, i have gained so many experiences through SIFE for the past 3 years joining the team. 
and the best part of my university life is mostly with them, Sifers. all the hardships, time spent and memories is paid off. May allah bless them all. 

Below is some of the pictures during the competition. Oh ya, btw, i didn't join the team during preparation for SIFE competition since im doing my internship during that time. 
So from the results, the juniors have absolutely did a fantastic job by winning the competition. Thumbs up to the team especially the technical team! Awang, Red and Arina. 
And same goes to all sifers, the Alumni, SAB, and the SIFERS now. 

this is during the presentation review at Seri Pacific hotel. Thumbs up presenters!

SIFE UTP! Energy received , Energy Return!
Time ni lepas announce result. Everyone is like so excited. happiest moment ever perhaps? lol
*Muka sol paling excited.*

With our advisor, the one and only Mr Amzairi!

So to the team, good luck for this coming SIFE world cup at KLCC! 
All the best!!