Monday, August 1, 2011

Polka Dottie

Hi guys. Salam!
It's ramadhan now. weehoo!
So basically, now im having my two months holiday.
Im planning to sell off some of my baju kurung and since polka dots is the big hits now,so i decided to sell polka dots kain for baju kurung.

Well, i dont really have my full  pictures wearing the polka dots baju kurung, i just have this:
 teehee :D
and this is the sample of the cotton:

Price: 4 meters RM 80 
It is cotton fabrics.
Tak panas and lembut. Lovee it!

And compared with the price outside, most of em will sell it about RM 120 or more. so it's kinda cheap here.
I have blue, black , red, light pink etc. U can email me for more details.

so feel free to email me :
or contact my mobile.

Thanks alot and happy fasting!!