Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello Bombshell!

Hey Dudes and Duddettes! 
I received quite a few texts and email regarding the VS perfumes. 
Apparently, it's SOLD OUT just within a few days. 
Not bad huh? 
And as you can see, i have not updated ANYTHING.
LOL, i am seriously been quite busy these past few months.
Im currently working out with this one project, Global Arm Campaign which is the continuation of the AYFIC(Asean Youth For Innovation & Creativity) event which is held at Labuan Sabah last April.

Inshaallah, I will post some pictures about the next item which is handbags!

So, chillax and do visit this blog next time!
Oh ya, that's me in the picture, I just feel like uploading pictures. Down there is during our trip to SIFE World Cup which is held at Los Angeles. We representing SIFE UTP to the competition. It was just aweesomeeeee!
Enjoy the pictures!

& That 's me at Victoria Secret store at The Block, Los Angeles.
Ain and Me at Santa Monica, California. WOOHOO!!! beaches baby!
This is at California Disneyland. It's like a land of fairy-tales!

At Santa Monica, me with my SIFE UTP team, we representing our university to SIFE world Cup which is held at Los Angeles. Me, Zeffree Kan Ain Sapian, Adam Azhar, and Qayyum.
After the SIFE competition!

This is BEVERLY HILLS baby! Most of the branded brand is there like LV, Gucci, Prada, Coach, Jimmy Choo, well u just name it. 

Amirah Razali,


  1. Thanks, we didn't get to shopping much. But the experience is priceless.